Ways To Assemble Sheet Metal

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Ways To Assemble Sheet Metal
05 Oct

Working with sheet metal, especially the thin ones, is such a daunting task for amateur and inexperienced builders or welders. Nowadays, there are many different ways for assembling sheet metal, but the principle behind it remains the same. Sheet metal assembly, regardless of its method, refers to the process of fastening or combining two or more metal components to come up with a single output.

Any sheet metal assembly is always dependent on the components that are being used and assembled. For instance, the approach in meeting or joining pieces of metal such as steel and copper is different from thin aluminium and other plated components.

Welding is the most popular way of fabricating or assembling sheet metal. Over the years, the advancement in the metals industry has paved the way for some welding methods and equipment. Depending on what you want to achieve on your project, welders can now carry out various sheet metal assembly techniques such as arc welding, gas welding and many others. Each of these welding techniques has its features and uses in particular industrial applications.

Arc welding, for example, makes use of an electric arc. It uses the heat of an electric arc to combine metal. Direct or alternating current can either be used depending on the components to be welded. In gas welding technique, meanwhile, burning gas is used to create heat. Gas welders may use propane, oxyacetylene and ox-propane torches.

Aside from welding, there are other ways to combine sheet metal components. If you don’t know how to solder, you can undertake simple assembly routes such as riveting, bolting and screwing to assemble sheet metal. In bolting and screwing, stainless steel screws, either oval head or pan head, are often used to join metal sheets.

For this assembly task, you will need tools such as the drill, twist-drill bits, scratch awl, centre punch, and measuring equipment. Snips for cutting the sheet metal, as well as a pop-rivet tool and pop rivets, are required to join the pieces of sheet metal together.